There’s more to Croatia than just Beaches

Everyone loves talking going to Croatia  and island hopping and exploring the magically scenery of the coastline. 

But what a lot of people tend to forget, or glance over by all the excitement of beaches, is there is so much more to Croatia. And it’s equally as beautiful! I did a counter clockwise road trip throughout the Adriatic coastline (including Montenegro and Slovenia) with one my best gal pals this past summer, and it was absolutely amazing! Even though we were able to spend days on end at the beach we just couldnt make it to the islands for various reasons…so no island hopping for us, sad face.
But actually I’m not sad, because I was able to see so many things enjoy so many parts of Croatia I really didn’t feel like I missed out on anything. 

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But first, pictures!
Krka National Park

Ptlivice Lakes


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