Favorite eats and drinks in Barrio Güemes

My favorite neighborhood in the city is Barrio Güemes, for many reasons. Not even 10 years ago; it was actually a crap shoot and a dangerous part of the city; overrun by drugs, gangs, and violence. But within the recent years, the city and its people have been able to clean it up, turn it around, and make it something truly great. Every Saturday and Sunday along La Cañada, the artisanal fair opens brining together all the local artists and some from outside the surrounding towns up in Las Sierras. The streets of closed off to traffic and are filled with locals and foreigners alike. Its the best place to buy souvenirs if you are just visiting and passing through. You can literally find anything; from antiques to and crafty sculptures, from homemade foods, plants, and even furry friends to adopt!

Apart from the fair, Güemes is one of the best spots for eating and drinking. Its becoming a spot of unique spaces and creative flavors. Ive been living in Cordoba for almost three years now (oh my god its been three years already!?!), and I still haven’t discovered all the deliciousness of what is Güemes. But I have been enough to point out some of my favorite places- from breakfast to dinner, happy hour to late night cocktails; here is my list of top favs. Hope you brought your appetite.



Who doesn’t love a good brunch?! This place is the perfect spot for anytime of the day; brunch, lunch, snack, tea/coffee and cakes. They are open (thankfully) everyday of the week and never disappoint! All of the plates are served fresh, made locally, while offering healthy yummy treats. I go almost on a weekly basis because its just that good.

Inside is a bright colorful decor of light blues and yellows which will brighten even your gloomiest of days! They have indoor and outdoor patio seating for your most comfortable pleasure.

They even have a gorgeous terrazza surrounded by colorful plants and tress!  A sweet escape from the concrete jungle.

Some menu items include sandwiches, wraps, cazuelos (mini bowls of various things), artisanal breads with homemade jams, homemade cakes, parfaits, and an assortment of coffees, teas, and cocktails for later in the afternoon (or early in the morning hehe).

Seriously, you will not walk away hangry. And the prices are very moderate for the quality and portions that you receive! Im telling you this spot you cannot miss. And they even have real pancakes and bacon, perfect for the yankqui in all of us!
Location: Dr.T.Achával Rodríguez 244


This is a new clever little spot. Its not really a market but more like a small plazoleta on La Cañada. Theres several food trucks where you can pick and choose whatever you like.

Some of the food options are London fish and chips, cuban street food, Asian, Mexican, typical argentine sandwiches such as lomitos (but with a signature flavor).

Patagonia is an high quality Argentina beer; making several lagers, weiss, blonde, and amber ales. All on tap!

They have great outdoor seating with long tables to share in good company with a large group of friends. There are even some table games such a giant jenga you can bring around to play with friends!
Location: Av. Marcelo T. de Alvear 640


A newer place, I like this place for the view. Its the tallest resto bar in Barrio Güemes, with lovely outdoor seating that gives you a 360 view of the neighborhood around you.

The patio is decorated with comfy seats with bar stools and lounge chairs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

Location: Belgrano 745


I love this restaurant! Its so chic with old aged decor. Its an old used a bruised brick building but inside is something rather special. And the food is to die for!

They have an amazing selection of cocktails made to order with the fanciest presentations Ive ever seen in these here parts! The food is exquisite offering select flavors of dishes from salads, brick oven pizzas, chef specials, and authentic argentine cazuelos…with their own special twist.

They have a beautiful quaint outdoor patio that is cut off from the busy street. Beautifully illuminated with ivy and wild plants creeping up the walls, its a very romantic place for dinner for two.

Inside is equally decorated with fun spin of old antiques from the 40s and 50s; turning what some people would consider trash into a unique treasure.

Perfect for small or large groups, be sure to make a reservation! This place fills up fast.
Location: Dr.T.Achával Rodríguez 365



Who loves happy hour? I do! One of the first places in Barrio Güemes to really utilize and take off with the idea of happy hour. El Capitan is a hot spot for after work get togethers and large party hangouts. They have plenty of space and plenty of beer so take your time and take advantage of this great spot!

The inside is decorated with industrial style windows and lighting; giving the vibe of some old factory brewhouse. With good reason, El Capitan had some of the first IPAs which was a rare commodity a couple of years ago. You’d be surprised at how far we’ve come!

Cappy hour is every day until 8pm. Dont forget to challenge your friends to a game of beer pong!

All of their advertised beer is served on tap. They have great indoor and outdoor seating both on the first and second level. They second level is designed for a little more seclusion, while downstairs is where the commotion is at.

Are you Cappy yet?


EL MENTIDERO de güemes

El Mentidero was one of my first favs from Güemes. Theres just a really cool vibe about this place. Its tucked back in a gallery called Muy Güemes and its one of the prettiest outdoor galleries in the whole city!

Attitudes that make a difference.
The gallery is illuminated by grand hand crafted lanterns; creating an optical illusion at night that your inside a covered warehouse.

Since it sits in the back of Muy Güemes, you get a wonderful full frontal view of the rest of the gallery, with each little shop covered in green space.

“Inspired by those spaces that were part of everyone’s life, “El Mentidero de Güemes” opens its doors, a place where you can enjoy not only its cuisine and cocktails, but also different artistic expressions that will have live music, theater, and presentations of all kinds as the main axis. A gossip to enjoy without silence and share without hesitation.

They have a full bar and great platters to share between friends. My personal favorite on the menu is their Mexican style pizza, which is hugggeee but I can still eat all by myself hehe. They have live bands all throughout the week, including jam sessions where you can pick up a spare guitar and jam yourself with the band.
Location: Fructuoso Rivera 260


Another great find for a double date dinner! I love this place because it screams hipster. The inside is designed as an old distillery while the outside an renovated rusty brick building.

The inside is warm and inviting with colorful lights and bartenders dressed in suspenders. I told you hipster to the max.

They have a mix of a little bit of everything on their menu, which makes it more exciting. Ive been able to find Americans style cheeseburgers, tacos, peruvian, asian bowls, Spanish tapas and the list goes on! As the night goes on the bring in a live DJ so good onda is going to happen.

Not to mentioned the fully stocked bar that is ready to serve you and drink that your heart desires. And lets be honest we mostly come for the drinks anyways.

Table for two?
Location: Francisco Laprida 273

beer joint

This is a super new place and literally a hole in the wall if youre not paying attention. But this place is so great for having a cold one with your friends and relaxing after a long work day. Technically speaking we are no longer in Barrio Güemes, but one block away I think it still counts.

They have a daily list of their beers on tap, including stouts, IPAs, wheat ales, and blondes. All unique beers to this particular place.

On certain nights they offer discounted happy hour prices on their beers, and some food specials if you know when to go. The staff is always friendly and they have the best music playlist blasting the classics.

Dont forget to grab your complimentary spicy popcorn! Free as long as you keep drinking haha. If you really start to get the muchies; I recommend ordering their specialty chicken tacos, deliciously tasty and ridiculously cheap!
Location: Achaval Rodríguez 183



Again not technically in Güemes, but this one has to be mentioned. Ever wonder what the speak easy clubs were like during the prohibition ages? Look for further than MILK.

Decorated lavishly red with chandeliers and eloquent decor, you feel like your stepping back in time. 

Dont feel overwhelmed when you step inside; or fret about your wallet. For the chic and embellished style it brings, the prices are surprisingly reasonable. They offer inside and outside seating, also private salon rooms for small parties or exclusive dates.

While they do offer food, I recommend this place solely for drinks and late night cocktails. Its a perfect spot for enjoying the evening while the night is young, waiting for the hour to kick off where you can go out to the boliches right around the corner.
Location: Francisco Laprida 139



What’s your favorite place? Be sure to let me know so I can go for myself! 

Barrio Güemes is always changing with new and unique places opening up on a regular basis, so be sure to come back and check it out again.

Beers unite people because they are authentic.

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