Getting an Argentine Work Visa

Greetings everyone! Its been a long while… months! Ive come to realize I am probably the worse blogger everrr.

Long story short Ive been busy with so much stuff I haven’t even had a chance to breathe. Ive been working at camp for 2 months straight, dealing with immigrations who cannot seem to get off my back, all the while trying to squeeze in time for family, friends, and fun. So to say the least blogging wasn’t on my mind.

But now Im back, and Im here to help. Particularly with immigration papers. Recently a lot of friends, and friends of friends are getting jobs here in Argentina as Expats. And so many are asking how to become legal (without the obvious marriage option). Ive been going through immigration paperwork for almost 2 years now so trust me when I say its a nightmare; mainly because no one knows what they are doing.

So here’s what Ive learned through this painful process so hopefully its not so painful to you… Planning it perfectly, this will take you a minimum of 3 months. But fair warning… nothing is perfect.

1.  Before traveling to Argentina (if possible), request an FBI federal background check with finger prints.
-If already in Argentina: complete and print FBI form and payment form, print out blank page for finger prints. Finger prints must be mailed in hard physical copy, not scanned. ( I recommend going to the Policia Central on Santa Fe and Colon. Be sure to bring in your own finger print form…not theirs. It has to be FBI specific and make sure they do all your prints correctly as according to the paper.)
Click here to go to web page for all the appropriate forms.
-Have the return address sent back to home address in United States for faster mailing time.

-Once you have received FBI check, send to US Secretary of State office for apostille with the return address to Argentina
Click here to go to web page for all appropriate info and forms
-FBI and apostille must be translated and notarized by professional translator in Argentina. Cost can be towards 500$ pesos depending. 

2. Request for Antecendentes Penales de Argentina
Click here to go to Argentine Justice Dept website
-Complete form and print out with copy of passport

-Complete payment processing in Central Post Office located on the corner of Av General Paz and Av. Colon. The cost is aprx 100-300$ pesos (depending on speed of processing you choose)
-In 3-5 you will receive a notification via email, print and keep it for your records
Antecendentes has an expiration of 90 days! ( I recommend not even starting this until you get back both your FBI and Apostille from the US)

3. Request a Certificado de Domicilio
-Need two witnesses, Argentine or not, over the age of 18. Go to any police station. (Policia Central on Av Colon and Santa Fe is the best recommendation)
-Bring IDs/ passports with you. The cost is aprx 70$ pesos
-Certificado de Domicilio has an expiration of 90 days!

4. Prepare work contract with employer. Signed with proper dates and schedule of work hours.

5. Schedule an appointment online with immigrations
Click here to schedule and apt at office of Migraciones
– You need to bring in a 4x4cm passport version with you for your paperwork. Luckily, theres a photo kiosk right across the street from immigrations with a cute little old lady who’s been doing this for years. She’ll get you the picture perfect photo.
Employer must be present at time of appointment with you. Your employer must have a registered RURE ID number to hire foreigners. Make sure your employer has registered and is legally allowed to hire foreigners.
-If your employer is unable to attend apt, the contract needs to be notarized.
-They will give you a processing fee that you need to pay at the National Bank as well as asking you to apply for a CUIL number.

6. Pay processing transaction fee at any Banco Nacional. Keep receipt. Return to immigrations with your receipt.

7. Apply for Numero de CUIL at Anses. 
-Must be done as quickly as possible. Go early in the morning to be assured assistance.

8. Bring copies back to immigrations.

9. You will receive your Precaria. This is basically your pre DNI. Don’t lose it. You are free to stay passed your 90 day tourist allotment now. 
-Precaria has an expiration of 90 days. DO NOT LET PRECARIA EXPIRE!!! You will be charged 400,000$ pesos ($25k dollars) if this happens and they will cancel your precaria.
Check expiration date, go in a day or two before final expiration date to renew your precaria if still awaiting inspections. They will not charge you to renew.

10. All that is left it to await inspections. And you must wait. You will receive two inspections before receiving your official DNI.


Good luck future employees! I hope it works out for you.

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