Yes! Another Travel Blog

NOOOOOOO, like I need another “world traveler” telling me how marvelous it is to visit soooo many countries and how cool you are and how Im not. Well, right and wrong.

Ok, so what is this?

While traveling is something marvelous and I encourage anyone who can to do so, my goal here is to tell a story; to connect cultures and hopefully be able to open your eyes a little bit more to the great big world around you.

I’ll be the first to admit Im not the most experienced traveler nor have I been to as many places as some of the rest of the travel bloggers out there. I dont even have the money to afford a constant lavish lifestyle of travel and honestly have no idea how some do it. But kudos to them all the same.

World & Peace comes from a belief I have that sharing and understanding others will break barriers and create better tolerance between us as human beings. If you havent noticed, there’s a lot of scary things going on out there; which in turn creates a lot of fear, misunderstanding, hatred, and mistrust. Im not saying the world is filled with rainbows and butterflies, because its not. But seeing firsthand other points of view and actually living it has helped me to better understand myself and the world around me. So hopefully you can get a better understanding as well.

And who I am?

My name is Gabriella and Im currently living in Argentina. I moved here as soon as I graduated college in May 2014 and established myself an “expat”. I have created a tight-knit group of friends, found a job (or two), and have had some amazing South American adventures. My immediate goal is to join the Peace Corp and hopefully later on in life work as a foreign service officer… anything to do with international relations. Maybe one day ambassador! (Dream big, right?)

 A ‘brief’ history

Im from a very small town in central, Indiana. My parents raised my brother and I to be free thinkers and live by the golden rule- treat others as you would want to be treated. Growingup that literally meant nothing to me. But my parents drilled it into my brain whether I liked it or not. We were always taking advantage of school breaks, winter and summer vacations, holidays, any excuse to travel around the country. Its safe to say theres now only a handful of states that I dont know.

So when I was 13, my first international trip came up; a habitat for humanity mission trip to Mexico. I never really understood what “being poor” was until then. No, I not talking about not being able to pay for your Netflix account or missing out on that shopping spree you so desperately need (because 100+ shirts simply isnt enough). Im talking about literal poverty, next-to-nothing poverty. Mud floors and stick huts with plastic or cardboard roofs.

Long story short it was an eye opener. I went several times over the next years with my family and started picking up spanish words and phrases while making friends with the local children. From there I took spanish classes in middle school, high school, and (why not) college. “A second language is always nice to have on a resume”, yeah we’ve all heard it.

So I went to school studying Graphic Design with a minor in Spanish. In the end Graphic Design was not my forte and eventually did a 180. My Spanish minor became my major, and (uh-oh), study credits in a native country was now a requirement.

In the summer of 2013 I went to Salamanca, Spain to study literature and conversational Spanish. And let me tell you, my language level soared. I loved it! During that summer I was able to travel around other parts of Europe and just like everyone else who gets a taste of travel… I was hooked.

Returning to college with one year left I decided my Spanish wasnt as nearly as good as I wanted it to be, and I still had a bad case of the travel bug. I ended up with the brilliantly planned proposal of doing another study abroad but this time in South America. Once again, my spanish level soared and I fell more so in love with Latin American culture than ever before.

So here I am. I hope my stories and experiences can spark your golden rule.